Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Your Top Two Choices This Election?

Vote for HER ladies and gentlemen, and by HER we mean US! Ya'll have discussed a first woman President? Well look no further. We're here to make it happen! 

Meet Kendra Ayers...

Kendra Ayers is the way to go this November 8th election. Not only is she an avid fan of Laura Ingalls Wilder and the pioneer times, she wants to take America all the way back. Forget modern technology and get on board with log cabins, outhouses, and a good old brew of black coffee in a tin cup.

Her taste in 80’s music will bring inspiration to White House. Who wouldn’t want Madonna and the Bangles blasting during each televised speech? You want a President who knows how to enjoy a good eat and drink and her "Coke not Pepsi", "soda not pop", "deep dish not thin slice" views for "Fast Food Fridays" will rock America’s standard takeout options.

But that’s not why you should vote for K. Let’s talk about her all natural approach to medicines, make-up, and cleaning. This girl knows how to keep it pure and simple with essential oils, homeschooling, and DIY beauty products. (Safe and non-toxic? Yes, please)

So get out there on Election Day and vote for K. She’ll take us back a hundred years but at least you’ll have Pa playin’ The Cure on the fiddle in the background while you’re reminiscing on the days of social media! 

Meet Misty Glass...

 I am Misty and I approve this message:

Misty is asking for your vote to be President.  We will make America Great Again, where we will be Stronger Together.  Her opponent will offer many promises, but these promises will set us back, literally, to a time of no modern plumbing, churning our own butter and having to wear bonnets.

Misty seeks something better and brighter for our future.  Where cell phones never lose signal, no one will have to pay for utilities and flying cars will become reality. 

Her first 100 days in office, she will implement:
  • No more waiting in lines at any store, especially Walmart! 
  • Every business will offer a three hour paid siesta for all employees.
  • The government will be taxed and give the money to the people.

A vote for Misty on November 8th is a vote in the right direction….modern times!

**This message is paid for by rainbows and lollipops. This candidate would never really want to run for president but still wants your votes regarding this blog post.  This candidate can promise all day long, but at the end of the day they answer to a butt load of other people that control the house and senate and every other department in between.   Regardless, you should always use your right and get out there and vote. **