Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Thirty- Five Years and Counting….How does that Happen?

So here we sit, my best friend and I, starting this grand and brand new adventure.  My Bestie, Kendra Michelle is the brain child of this blog.  She is the brain child of most of our ideas and this one was LOVE at first mention.  Since this is our first blog post for WHO IS YOUR BESTIE, we decided to each write from our own perspective how we became best friends.  So, ladies and gentleman, I present to you my blog entry #1 WHO IS MY BESTIE:

I can’t give you a specific date but it all started in Springfield IL at our family church, First Assembly of God.  I can’t even tell you how we met, started talking, any of that because she was four and I was five at the time.  I just remember we were inseparable.  

I can picture moments from my pre-school aged self and when I do, I see Misty. I hear giggles and I see smiles and if you asked me what bonded us, I wouldn’t be able to pin point any one thing, because it was actually everything. 

She had a little toe head blonde sister we would tease, her mom was the choir leader, my dad in the choir, so every Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday we were together. We were in the same Sunday school class, we went to Daisies together (our church version of girls scouts) Then the unthinkable happened….she moved away.  My little 7 year old self now, was devastated.  She moved an hour away, but you would have thought her parents moved her clear across the continent in my mind.  Letters were sent here and there in our little childhood scribble, but then in our hectic lives of raising our cabbage patch dolls and trying to keep up with our school work, we lost touch. 

We met because eventually, we would become each other’s go-to for just about every aspect of life. It probably helped that our parents saw the uniqueness of our friendship and allowed us to stay in touch when the church was no longer our main connection. And yes, we lost touch a bit when I moved away, but we picked right back up again when I moved back.

  Fast forward two years.  It was a summer day on a Sunday and of course I was at church.  I can remember the day like it was yesterday.  I was getting ready to go into the sanctuary.  The hall of the church had a long aisle that led to the Sunday School area and the last door of the sanctuary, where I was getting ready to go into.  There she was…a vision….in a pink kitty cat dress coming down the hall, the sun beaming behind her.  My best friend had returned. It seriously was like a scene from the greatest movies that have those reuniting moments.  We locked eyes and ran down the hall and gave each other the biggest hug. Nothing had changed in those two years. We picked right up from where we left off. 

By definition, friendship is “the emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends.” – Google. I guess we are constantly in a state of being friends.

But actually, we are so much more than that. We are sisters. Misty and I took a needle and smeared our blood stained fingers together and became sisters. Misty’s mom has always believed that’s why we’ve remained as close as we have, and coincidentally, I think the same thing.

Thirty-five years would require me to share a lot of history between Misty and me. I could share how we introduced each other to our spouses, or how we’ve seen loved ones pass or become ill. I could tell you she is the only human who knows all of my secrets, or that we’ve been through cancer scares and injuries. But what I want to tell you more than anything is that Misty is still my best friend today because she chooses to be. I don’t ask her to stick around; she does it on her own accord.

Have we had spaces in our friendship? Sure. But they’ve never lasted long. The worst fight we’ve ever been in began and ended on the same day. We don’t let weeds grow when it comes to us. We believe in the constant nurturing of true friendship but it actually comes quite naturally.

So if you’re interested in the hows and whys of true friendship, you’ve come to the right place. We want to show you how important it is to have people in your corner, no matter what. Plus, if we can make each other laugh to the point of nearly passing out, we’d love to see if we can do that for you too!

Misty & Kendra 

Proverbs 17:17 A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity