Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Locally Owned and Operated

Born and raised in Springfield, it's always sad to see a local business close after providing years of service to the community.  Unfortunately this is all too common here in Illinois, especially the Capitol City.  We are not saying we don’t frequent chain stores or restaurants because we're all guilty of this.  But for us, supporting local businesses is not only about trying to help the local economy, it is also quite nostalgic.   

Our childhoods were spent running around town with Misty’s dad, who drove a city bus, or walking to the local convenient store for a soda and candy while Kendra’s mom taught piano lessons.  It wasn’t unusual for Chuck (Misty’s Dad) to make several stops at local grocers during the week.  His stops were usually Mr. B’s or Humphrey’s Market.  Humphrey’s Market is still in town in the same place and owned by the same family. For years, Misty’s annual family Thanksgiving ham has come from Humphrey’s. 

Before Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Doughnuts, a Saturday morning was spent going to Mel-O-Cream  getting their signature yellow and white box filled full of a dozen donuts, or eating a donut there, served on a brown tray with a carton of chocolate milk while the parents drank coffee from the shop’s plastic brown coffee cups. As we got older most of our time was spent in Recycled Records buying used CD’s or Penny Lane getting the latest T-shirt of our favorite band or a brightly colored poncho.  
They had the best deals on music! 

It’s the familiarity of places and as clich√© as it sounds the friendly faces that make you continue going back to local businesses.  They are the ones that live in the community and truly care about their customers, who may just happen to be their neighbor or their friend.  For us these local businesses are doing a favor by keeping some favorite childhood memories relevant and alive.  

Gone but certainly not forgotten!
We would love to know your favorite local spots in Springfield. We'd love to expose their services and encourage new customers! Our list of locals is pretty large but we know there are many we haven't experienced yet! Please Comment below!

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