Friday, October 21, 2016

Guilty Pleasures

We all have a guilty pleasure we indulge in from time to time. Whether it’s heading to the salon to have our nails done, turning into Starbucks for that weekly (daily) latte, hitting Kohl’s every time there is a sale, or binge watching another Netflix original when we should be sleeping. (Hello, Stranger Things)
One thing we have in common when it comes to our favorite guilty pleasure is that we watch reality television. Not all reality T.V. shows appeal to us; in fact, we are quite specific about what we waste precious time on. Check it out!

Kendra's choice- The Bachelor/Bachelorette

From the very first season, I fell in love with the concept of the bachelor/bachelorette. (I am going to just call this the B&B from now on.) I have always been a hopeless romantic and since I have a personal history of not always making the right choices for my love life, I gravitated to a show that helped others find love.
One thing I loved most about the B&B is how romantic the settings are for each group and single date. Dating has become a lost art and people do not invest in planning a romantic night out like they used to. Trust me, I am not naïve to the fact that this is all for show and that the producers are paying for all of these wonderful adventures, not the people dating. But to see a couple go carriage riding through a city, or take in a show at a live theater verses the standard dinner and a movie, is quite fun to watch. (see previous post about date nite! LOL) 

Trista and Ryan make it work!

I love the anticipation of who gets voted off and who is staying each week. Narrowing down the contestants based off a variety of factors and seeing who he/she picks as the final two. Will they say “I love you” or could one be leaving even before the rose ceremony? Yep, I am a sucker for all of it.
I will admit there were a couple of seasons that I either didn’t watch or just couldn’t get into. I have been a little bit disappointed with the fact that some contestants return for a second and even a third time to win a chance at love. And I have often wondered how much work some of these people have had before the show. I mean, are they really all that glowing, bright teethed, flowy haired when they are back in Texas or Arkansas or North Dakota?

Ashley and JP are still one of my favorite couples! 

There are many things I believe this show could do without, and my moral compass often cracks at some of the vulgarity that slips through the crevice, but I still love watching a people begin to fall in love. I still hope that some of these couples can make it work. And I will always, always believe that the final season should be Chris Harrison finding love (again) if he hasn’t already. 

Will Chris Harrison get the FINAL rose? 

Hi, my name is Misty (hi Misty) and I’m addicted to Real Housewives. I’ve been an addict since season two of Orange County.  I watch almost every cast and follow some of the housewives' twitter and Instagram accounts.  It’s gotten so bad that my family has been influenced by my addiction and my husband will now watch with me.   
There are currently nine Housewives to choose from (Orange County, New York, New Jersey, Potomac, DC, Atlanta, Dallas, Miami and Beverly Hills).  Bravo also airs Housewives of Melbourne.  My personal opinion, don’t waste your time with that one and hopefully they never bring back DC or Miami!  I have no idea why I got addicted to this show.  It’s totally scripted, they are extremely catty and the majority of the women aren’t even HOUSEWIVES!!!! But….it’s got me hook, line and sinker.

My favorite of the Franchise is New York with a close second being Orange County, but honestly, EVERY SINGLE HOUSEWIVES has the same premise.  Rich, glamourous women who shop and fight, then make nice again, take an exotic trip together, fight on the trip, cry, make up, have a big party at the end of the season, fight at the party and drag the fight into the Reunion show, where they try to talk it out and become frenemies so they can get on the next season.  Oh yeah, in between the fighting there’s little glimpses of their families and jobs…you know, their actual REAL LIVES!  

So why watch?  Why not?  I love the fashion, the homes and the places they travel.  It cracks me up and it’s not my drama.  It’s an hour or two a week; given how many episodes Bravo has showing where I don’t have to think about anything.  It’s one of the shows you can just zone in and not have to retain. 
So there’s my guilty pleasure, not the easiest to confess, but hey, at least it’s not the KARDASHIANS! :) 

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